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Exercise Ball Base
Price: $36.50
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Aeromat Item #: AGM108 -

Handy Exercise Ball Base Prevents RollingThe Stability ball base and fitness ball base is small and unobtrusive fitness ball stand by Aeromat ensures your equipment stays put and provides stability by keeping your ball stationary. Extremely versatile, the fitness ball stand can be used during your workout – and after, to keep your fitness balls neat and organized between workouts. Made of durable polymer, the exercise ball base can also be used to create a steadier “office chair”—just use as...

Exercise Ball Stabilizer Base
Price: $43.99-$52.99
Availability: In Stock
CanDo Item #: W-FAB325 -

Extra Protection & Stability for Your Fitness BallIf you’re interested in using an inflatable fitness ball, but uncomfortable with how it rolls around, try an Exercise Ball Stabilizer Base. This stand made from high quality plastic will keep your exercise ball stable as you stretch, balance, lean and exercise. You can also use the Exercise Ball Stabilizer Base to keep your therapy ball in place as you sit at your desk. Sitting for long hours, day after day, can lead to continuous back and neck...