Exercise ball pumps are an amazing tool used to inflate exercise balls. Inflating exercise balls is what they were designed to do. Some work effortlessly while others need a good hand. Choose one that you'll love to use whenever your exercise balls need some oomph! After all, the word exercise in "exercise balls" isn't referring to inflating & deflating the balls.

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Air Daddy Universal Exercise Ball Inflator
Price: $15.99
Availability: In Stock
AirHead Item #: SPI103 -

Versatile Inflator Adapter Fits Any ValveInflate your exercise balls and other blow-up equipment quickly and easily with the Air Daddy Inflator Adapter. Made with a tapered stem, the Air Daddy fits all inflatable valves. Even better the needle valve and high-pressure tip fold up into the handle, so your tool is secure and portable.Air Daddy Inflator Adapters Features Includes 1 Air Daddy Adapter. Will work with stem valves as well as Halkey-Roberts, Leafield and Boston valves. ...

Electric Exercise Ball Pump
Price: $45.00
Availability: In Stock
CanDo Item #: FAB125 -

Skip the frustration of filling up your fitness balls by hand and get the Cando Electric Inflator/Deflator. Simply plug it into the wall, attach the inflation or deflation valve and let the pump do the rest. The Inflator/Deflator pump can be used for fitness balls, inflatable toys, air mattresses and more. It’s safer than an air compressor and for the best results, allow the pump to fill the desired item until almost full of air, then top it off with a hand pump for desired inflation.Cando...

Exercise Ball Pump
Price: $46.99
Availability: In Stock
TheraBand Item #: HYG236 -

This lightweight and durable double action hand Exercise Ball Pump is just what you need to keep your equipment full of air, and ready to use. The handy pump comes with a plug and adaptor, so you’ll have everything you need to inflate your exercise balls. For use with Thera-Band exercise balls.

Exercise Ball Foot Pump
Body Sport
Price: $8.50
Availability: In Stock
Body Sport Item #: BDSBALLPUMP -

Save Your Breath for the WorkoutDon’t let your workout fall flat with a deflated exercise ball. The Exercise Ball Foot Air Pump is made of durable plastic that can support significant weight, as applied with each step. The 4” round diameter of this pump is compatible with most exercise balls and provides speedy, sustainable inflation. Convenient air flow is only a step away with the Exercise Ball Foot Air Pump. ...