Medicine balls are weighted balls

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SoftMeds Mini Medicine Balls
Price: $12.99-$79.99
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FitBALL Item #: FBSM 1 -

The SoftMeds Mini Medicine Balls are small, graspable, sand filled, weighted balls that are perfectly sized for the elderly, women or anyone who wants a soft comfortable alternative to bulky dumbells. FitBALL® SoftMeds are a safe and effective way to add upper body strength training with your exercise ball. The air inside easily adjusts with a FitBALL® needle pump, sold seperately, for customized firmness. Sold individually or as a complete set of 5.

Medicine Balls
Body Sport
Price: $26.00
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Body Sport Item #: W-ZZRMB -

The Body Sport Medicine Balls offer you a complete workout for your core and your torso, two of the most crucial areas in the human muscular system. These Medicine Balls are essentially ideal for any sport or workout goal, combining strength training, cardio, flexibility, and dynamic muscle training all into one workout. Medicine balls are ideal for strength training and rotational movement training as well.Medicine Balls Features Designed to benefit all fitness levels. Durable rubber ball...

Weighted Medicine Ball Set
Price: $1,030.50
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Item #: W-IDL116 -

Adjustable Rebounder for Complete Ball WorkoutThe Weighted Medicine Ball Set is a complete exercise program for your home or gym that will help build your throwing and catching skills. The set includes a quick-change, adjustable rebounder that can lie flat like a trampoline or be tilted at an angle. The set comes with 5 color-coded medicine balls in weights ranging from 1.1. lbs - 11 lbs. and an easy-to-reach storage rack. The rebounder is available in your choice of round or square.Weighted...